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Yao Women Rice Water – Tea Seed Powder is their Shampoo

Yao Women Rice Water – Tea Seed Powder is their Shampoo

I really wanted to try out a fermented rice water recipe with tea bran / tea seed powder but it is impossible to buy here. It is available in China. Maybe it is still a secret to the rest of the world.

Some believe that it can also prevent hair from greying.

Maybe it’s a combination of both fleeceflower root and tea seed powder.

One other name for it is camellia seed oil. Tea seed powder is the remaining material in the tea seed oil production. But it is not a waste material. It contains natural saponins which cleanses and conditions the hair. In China and other Asian countries it is also used as a natural pesticide and fertilizer.

Sandra describes in her blog monoandco how she uses tea seed powder for example as a cleaning detergent. Before that I only knew about Indian Wash Nuts, also called Reetha or Aritha, that people us a natural shampoo or cleaning detergent.

So to further enhance my Yao Women rice water recipes I have simply bought tea seed oil.

If the powder I can’t get is great, the oil must be phenomenal then! 😉

This oil is used in hair and skin care and it is also edible. For me, it’s going to be a staple in my natural hair and skin care.

Check out my Youtube Channel if you want to know more about it and how I do a variation of the Yao Women Rice Water. I hope that one day they will put a trademark on their secret recipes and start to sell it.

Just like the famous coke brand.

Everyone knows what it is and we buy it without knowing the exact 1 percent which makes the difference. I’ll be waiting. My very modest and simple goal is hip length 4c hair. I’ll buy all of your Rapunzel hair making products in Huangluo Village.


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