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What most of the Long Haired Gurus don’t tell you about Yao Women Rice Water

What most of the Long Haired Gurus don’t tell you about Yao Women Rice Water

We’ve all binged watched the videos of the long haired gurus in Huangluo, China. The women of Yao ethnic minorities have been using fermented rice water for centuries. They have more than one meter long, silky, shiny and grey-less hair which I’m very jealous of.

Their black Rapunzel hair is only cut once in their lifetime when they turn 18 years. After the cut it will be given to a grandmother and regifted as a hair piece when it’s marriage time. Every hairstyle symbolizes a different stage of a marriage for example: kids or no kids (yet).

I wish I could have grown so much hair that will be given to me as a present when I’m married. 😉 Why spending money on extensions when you can use your own hair. The Yao women don’t even throw their shedded hair away. It’s always taken cared of and than incorporated into the hair piece. So from year to year your hair piece becomes thicker and thicker!

So we all know the true recipe, right?! Throw some rice, water and citrus peels into a pan. Cook it, let it cool off, put it into a jar, add your favorite essential oil to hide the smell and that’s it. After two weeks you’ll have the miracle for your hair struggles. Well, you haven’t done the homework good enough.

Yao Women Rice Water is more than that. I’m a bit irritated why only a few people talk about it. The truth is that they also add secret herbs, barks and roots to the water. Every family has his own recipe. Vogue’s article about Yao women rice water is very informative when it comes to the herbs.

So have you heard about Fleeceflower Root?

This is one of their ingredients revealed to the public. Fleeceflower root or also called He Shou Wu or Fo Ti is a powerful plant that is said to reverse or prevent grey hair. Now, it makes a bit sense right? Haven’t you wondered why their hair is jet black until the old age. Did you think it is because of the rice or genetics?

And what about Tea Bran?

Have you also heard about that? – I’m not talking about Tea Tree oil – Tea bran or tea seed powder is the leftover when tea seed oil is extracted. It is rich in saponins which cleanses the hair and also conditions without stripping the natural oils off. So kind of like an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner.


Yao Women also use ginger for their recipes. It’s known to promote hair growth but I nothing new to you, right? 😉

So the next time you brew your rice water at home, try to include these ingredients into the fermented rice water for better results.

I’m definitely including Fleeceflower Root and ginger into my hair care. If it helps with extreme hair growth and prevents my hair from greying I’m all in. I couldn’t find any tea bran but maybe the oil is even more beneficial.



  1. Lui
    2021-06-15 / 15:23

    Thank you so much! I have looked all over the internet for this.

    • Rabielle
      2021-06-15 / 22:29

      I’m happy that you find it useful. 😊 I hope more and more people will do research and rethink about their rice water recipes if they want it similar to the Yao Women.

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