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My own hair awakening started somewhere in 2007/8s (probably earlier, if I remember correctly), where I learned to achieve silky flowing hairstyles with just the help of blow dryers and a round bristle brush. My goal was it to grow long relaxed hair strands.

But the moment I found about dark women in this world wide web, that have moved away from chemical straighteners, I started transitioning in 2009 and did the first big chop in Spring 2010. Little did I know and the emerging natural hair community of Youtube and Fotki.com couldn’t help my clueless disappointed me.

I quickly went back to the other side, because I was not able to wear my hair curly like other silky hair types could do. It took me a couple of years until I decided to dive into wash and go lands again. With the transition in 2015 and my second big chop in 2016, I have never looked back to chemical straighteners again.

I want to inspire you to be fierce and embrace your natural curls around the world. Tight curly hair has more to offer than just styling it into an afro or braids. Hair care should be easy. Which is why I mostly focus on sharing my own curl defining experiences and reviews online.

Grab a tea or coffee and read through my reviews. I’m sure you will find good and free source of information and product lines according to your budget.