Salut, hallo & hi, I’m Rabielle and welcome to my “perfect” site! I’m not perfect. Who is perfect? But I try to show the best of me every day. I created this nickname for social media because I like the French touch. I’m a late 20s years 😉 old living in the north of Germany.

I always wanted to start blogging and doing YT Videos about my hair, beauty, shopping and things I like – but starting to dive into the beginnings of social media world in 2010 – I was too shy. I was too concerned about what people might think.

Throughout the years I’ve had several attempts in blogging, instagram and I even made videos which I deleted as soon as it was online. I always believed that I had to finish certain career steps first and now I’m here in year 2021 and haven’t yet reached my goals.

This time around is year 2024, the pandemic left its footmarks. Have I reached my goals? Not yet. But I’m on my way  pursuing what I started in the very beginning: Finishing my legal studies while being my most creative!

This makes me realise that it doesn’t matter what you do or what people think: just start what you have in mind and see where it will take you. If you have a passion about something, do your thing! No one can take your hobbies away. So come and follow me sharing my journey with you online. This time I won’t delete anything.