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Day 6 of 365 Days of Wash and Gos

“Day 6 of 365 Days of Wash&Gos ✨

Here’s how my hair came out when I took the silk hair scrunchies by H&M out.

What style do you like more. My previous reel on completely shrunken hair or this stretched and “longer” hair?” @ buttermeperfect January 6th 2022.

Day 6 hair has almost lost it’s definition.

When I stretched it out with my silk scrunchies, it gave me a blown out look with curly hair tips. My hair still felt greasy and I did not put anything into my hair. Now looking back, I should have just left my hair into it’s shrunken state and mind my day.

The As I Am Naturally Curling Creme might be a good product for you, when you enjoy wearing stretched and banded hair styles. I was surprised on how straight my roots looked like, once I removed the scrunchies. Stretching my hair in order to braid or twist my hair is not something I do often. But here I’m just giving you ideas and inspiration.


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