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Day 5 of 365 Days of Wash and Gos

“Day 5 of 365 Days of Wash&Gos ✨

Here are the final dried results with @asiamnaturally JMBCO Curling Creme.

It’s all shrunken goodness. My hair loves to shrink up to 80 %. It feels very soft and has no gel cast because it is a creme based curl definer.

I will stretch it using the banding method tonight. Would you rock shrunken hair like this in public?” @ buttermeperfect January 5th 2022.

As I Am Naturally Jamaican Black Castor OIl Curling Creme

I already had a feeling how my hair would dry, but I hope it to be very defined to be honest.

Even though my wet hair was the opposite of a very defined wash and go. On Day 4 once could see curl clumping, but not the maximum potential, since my type 4c hair can be defined further.

It will give you a very pliable and moisturised feeling with a very soft hold though. So I guess if you reset your hair every 5 – 10 days it won’t give you the hold you like on type 4c hair. A gel on top could do the trick, but then you have to find one that doesn’t create flakes. I completely failed to find a compatible gel. If you were successful, please let me know.

This post shouldn’t give you the impression that I’m only happy when my natural hair is clumped and defined to perfection.

A tight curly fro looks beautiful too. You just need to lower your expectations when you style your hair with curling cremes. It might give you the impression of “My 4c can never or My 4c hair can’t clump”. Which isn’t true. It can clump and can be defined further, but then a curling cream is not something you want to use on tight curly hair only.

The As I Am Naturally Curling Creme contains water as the first ingredient.

And it’s rich in Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Cocoa Butter. So there’s very much no need to do the LOC or LCO method, when you use this styling creme. If you do, you will end up with very greasy hair that is prone to buildup. Just leave the extra raw oils and butters out.

This creme contains enough sealing agents. So if you don’t like doing wash and go sets, you could also style your hair with it for a beautiful twist or braid out. It won’t last in comparison to using strong hold styling products like mousse, but it’s a compromise to you favouring styling products high in oils and butters.

As I Am Naturally Jamaican Black Castor OIl Curling Creme

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