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Natural Hair’s Recap & Summer of Wash&Gos 2021

Happy belated happy New Year! I haven’t been very active here and truly want to change it. I re-started my new blog journey after several blog attempts in May 2021 and really need to stay consistent. Before we get started, let me give you a quick update on my social media journey:

My Youtube channel is growing slowly but steady and I wish to upload more videos. Today I reached 223 followers and I can’t be happier! Now what excites me more, is that I’ve reached over 1,000 followers on Instagram. So from spring 2021 to early spring 2022 I have managed to grow a following from 0 to 1150 supporters, which makes me really happy. I posted a lot of natural hair related content there and uploaded many reels.

Unfortunately I didn’t synchronise my Instagram posts with my blog posts. It will take a couple of blog posts, but my plan is to match my other social media pages with my blog. I actually started uploading daily mini hair vlogs since January 2022 on Instagram and would also love to update you with blog post. Maintaining a blog is still very sustainable since google search can find you years after and chances of blowing up is still high.

So what happened with my hair?

I tried being very consistent with my hair wash cycles again. Washing my hair once to twice a week was a must and now I wash my hair every 5 to 6 days. Since it was already summer, I took the opportunity to do more washngo sets and just simply kept on going through autumn and winter.

Why did I stick to washngos?

First of all, it’s the simplicity for me. I cleanse, condition & detangle, style with my favourite products, and set my hair dry with a diffuser or hooded dryer. In the evening I just need to cover my hair and in the morning I just fluff my hair out. That’s it! Wash&gos allow me to have inner peace with my hair and I don’t have to spend additional time to restyle my hair. I also don’t have to put additional products into my hair to moisturise it. My hair is totally fine.

Twist, braid outs and curl set look very beautiful. But they also come with lots of work. It needs to be styled and set properly. Then it needs to dry properly and then you have to unravel it. These are too many steps for me I’m not willing to do on a regular basis. I guess this is also the reason I kept on having regular box braid installations. Just to have simplicity. And not necessary the look. These styles have now become special occasion hair styles for me. I want to enhance the tiny curly Ramen Noodle hair strands I was born with, just like everybody in this world. And don’t want to forever mimic a bigger curl size I was not born with.

I’m not sure if it was a sign or something, but I discovered so many tight coily haired ladies doing washngos only on Instagram and Youtube. It really reminded me of the time I went for my second natural hair journey, when I saw naturals following the Maximum Hydration Method.

Am I still a diy girl?

My diys products haven’t really changed. I still make my clay masks, henna masks and herbal tea rinses. Only my fresh aloe vera prepoos have decreased. It’s not always available in the stores and I feel like the products I’m currently using all contain aloe vera juices or extracts. There’s no need for me to prep my hair that often before shampoo anymore.

But I completly gave up on doing diy fermented Yao Women rice water rinses. In the past I used to combine it into my clay masks and be fine. But I simply don’t want these extra steps anymore. Fermented Rice Water is so much more than just rice proteins, that contributes to long hair strands. The Yao Women use it as a two in one all purpose shampoo and conditioner. Why do we ferment rice water when we could easily look out for products that contain hydrolysed rice proteins?! I still believe in this fermented rice water, but we also have to acknowledge that we don’t know the exact measurements. We don’t even know what kind of rice they use and nobody can find camellia seed/ tea seed powder outside of China. Where do we even get to buy organic pomelo peels?

It has a specific reason why they still haven’t switched their ingredients or have substituted them. I would rather prefer to blend the fleeceflower root into a fine powder to mix it with my clay mask. This can maybe also prevent my hair from graying. Camellia seed powder contains mild saponins, but the extracted oil is used for skin and hair care. I think I’m very fine with using only the pure oil and add some drops of it into my clay masks.

Am I still a raw oils and butters fan?

Yes, I am. But I believe quantity matters. Most of us naturals are too heavy-handed with the applications of these oils, butters and hair serums. Less should be more. I believe one to two drops is actually enough for an entire head of hair. There’s absolute no need to drench your hair with oils and butters. This is why I use them sparingly and mostly for diy rinse outs. Just the way I’ve been doing it for a couple of years. My hair likes it that way and I won’t switch to a different routine.


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