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How to stretch a Wash and Go Style

How to stretch a Wash and Go Style

What are your go to methods to stretch a washandgo set? I’m sure most of us just simply use a blow dryer to stretch the roots and use hair bands to keep it stretched. But there’s another much more effective way in order to have a uniform stretch. You just need to use big rollers on dry hair! It will leave your clumped strands bouncy with lots of volume.

So how to do it?

  1. Make sure to have completely dry hair first. The gel must set in your hair otherwise your individual hair strands won’t dry in their natural clumped stage.
  2. Then use the blow dryer to lightly stretch the roots and remove some of the gel cast. The cold or warm heat will separate the clumped strands further. When you feel this happen, you know the gel cast has dried completely and you don’t have to deal with big chunks of hair strands that stick together.
  3. Now gently take one set of hair and role the hair strands in. You can secure it with whatever you like. Big hair clips work for me the best without disturbing the hair pattern.
  4. You can leave the rollers in for as long as you want. But leave it in at least 30 minutes. I would recommend this for the morning or evening routine when you have time or on a Sunday before the new work week begins. That way your hair will stay stretched for days.

How to maintain it?

Would be great to put some of the rollers in and sleep with them in the evening. But rollers are totally uncomfortable. I did it once with 4 rollers to stretch braids. I would not recommend this. Instead you could:

  1. Roll and tuck the hair strands in with your hands.
  2. Roll and tuck the hair strands in with soft rollers.
  3. You could put your hair into one loose ponytail with a satin or silk scrunchy and roll the ends into one big bun.
  4. Or if your hair is not longer than chin length you can keep it stretched around your head and secure it with bobby pins or hair clips.

In all these variations it’s important to use a silk or satin scarf to keep you hair neat. Bonnets won’t keep your hair neat and when you move through the night, your hair strands will be moving too! Even if the bonnet is tied to your head. This can cause frizz and mushy hair.

Why don’t I recommend to use hair bands, scrunchies or threads to bend the hair and stretch it? Because it will alternate your clumped hair strands, especially when you have tight type 4c curls. Some of the hair strands will look straight, some wavy and some very coily at the tips. It also often appears very stringy and I just like good hair aesthetics.

While reading this, you might notice you’ve been doing this when your hair is styled in a silk press. Yep, this is where I got the inspiration from! And what would you not do while you natural hair is flat ironed? You would not put stylers, water and moisturisers in to keep the set as long as you can. Wearing a washngo is actually the same. We’ve all been fooled! There’s no need to spray your hair to redefine your curls. When it is styled and set in the first place, it will keep its set until the next hair wash.



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