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Day 9 of 365 Days of Wash and Gos

“Day 9 of 365 Days of Wash&Gos ✨

Today with my son as a special guest. He wanted to do what Mama does and I only had the crying option!

Products used for his hair:
As I Am NAturally Born Curly Avocado Shea Cowash For Babies and Children, a tiny bit of the JBCO Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner and Curling Creme.

Products used for my hair:
As I Am Naturally JBCO Shampoo, Conditioner and Curling Creme.
Aunt Jackie’s Frizz Patrol Anti Poof Setting Mousse.

My hair dried into a curly fro, but I prefer more defined sets with gel or jelly based products more. ❤️” @ buttermeperfect January 9th 2022.

” “Type 4c hair has no curl pattern! Look at my hair. There are no visible clumped curls”

#Sundayhair Reminder:

“This is not true and don’t be discouraged. You have a curl pattern!”

I’ve been trying out different hair care products and brands since June 2021 with the specific intention to do washngos on my tightly coiled hair strands only.

We’ve all been talking about techniques but knowing what products to use plays a huge role too.

This is how my hair looks like today. I did a washngo set yesterday and dried my hair under a hooded dryer. It was stretched with a blow dryer today and I’m feeling disappointed.

Only my ends are clumped. The rest of my hair looks like a picked out curly fro. You have all seen my washngo sets with curling jellies, smoothies, gels and foams.

It’s not that I hate this hair like this.

When I see my hair like this brings me back to the old days. But it will make you feel like your hair can’t clump.

The @asiamnaturally JBCO Curling Creme and leave-in conditioner works great on my son’s type 3c curls. But for me, I need a product with a strong hold. It didn’t give me enough hold with the Aunt Jackie’s Frizz Patrol Mousse. My next tryout will be with gel. ❤️” @ buttermeperfect January 9th 2022.

These detailed captions of my Instagram posts say it all

I’ve seen my hair curling up like this many years ago, but it’s not the hair style I’m looking out for. I want to have my hair strands as defined as possible. And I want them to frame my face a certain way. Afros and curly fro styles look nice, but it’s not what I choose to wear as my main hair style every day.

Afros aren’t easy!

It takes a lot of time and effort to actually maintain the hair into this rounded shape. If you want to do it right, you actually need hair spray to fix your hair in place. When you sleep or chill on a pillow case, it won’t maintain its shape. Which means more manipulation by pulling and tugging it back into place.

My natural hair has also grown out of the teeny weeny afro aka twa stage. I don’t like wearing head bands all the time. So wearing a crown shaped hair style with sleeked hair in the front is simply not my style. I prefer my hair to have shape, even if it’s the tightest curls.


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