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Day 3 of 365 Days of Wash and Gos

“My hair wash and reset is due but I wasn’t feeling like it! So I postponed for tomorrow.

If I don’t have time to stretch my hair with rollers, I do it the classic way: banding method.

These ones are silk scrunchies I ordered from H&M. Perfect for keeping the hair protected.

What are your favourite stretching methods?!” @ buttermeperfect January 3rd 2022.

I was very pleased with the overall feeling and behaviour of my hair. Many prefer wash and gos that stretch their curly spiral pattern into waves, which is great when your hair shrinks a lot. But for me it’s really the versatility.

My natural hair didn’t feel stiff, which made it really pliable. Pliability in curl defining hair styles gives me the option to move my hair into any direction and to create new hair styles with it. Doing wash and go sets is not just about achieving the greatest curl and wave definition. It’s also about what you can do with your as the days go by and how long it is.

Knowing what product combination can give you this hair movement is also very important to me. I envision myself with hair past my bras in the future and it feels good, to know that I’m not bound to stiff curl defining sets. I can use claw clips and have the versatility to put my hair up into pony tails, buns and up dos.

If you want a heatless hair stretch, but don’t want to spend time in putting big rollers in, use satin or silk scrunchies to stretch your hair during the night. This method definitely creates an uneven pattern and stretch, but gives you the freedom in enjoying your entire hair length as the days go by.


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