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Aloe Vera Plant Gel on type 4 hair

What’s your favourite natural plant remedy when it comes to your hair? It’s fresh aloe vera plant gel for me! I like the cooling and soothing effect of the gel on my scalp and hair. It’s ideal to detangle your hair with it before the hair wash for an extra conditioning effect while you cleanse your natural hair. When the gel is completely strained, it’s also great to use for diy masks.

The ph is somewhere around 5 – 6 and is ideal for creating home hair masks. But once you extract the gel from the plant, it has a limited shelf life. Many freeze it in ice cube containers. If you don’t want to freeze it, there’s only one way to prevent the gel or your mask from growing mold and bacteria. You definitely need to add preservatives in order to make the gel last somewhere cool and dry.

I usually only extract enough gel for one use, when I want to treat my hair. Fresh Aloe Vera plant gel is also not always available in the super markets and that’s why I started using less than before.

If you haven’t removed the yellow substance from aloe vera plant leaves yet, then you’ve been doing it wrong! It can cause skin & scalp irritation. And can also cause stomach issues & diarrhoea when you eat fresh plant as it is. So make sure to remove the aloin substance in advance.

Have you ever used aloe vera gel on hair? Did you experience anything bad?


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