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Wash Day with Camille Rose Naturals

Wash Day with Camille Rose Naturals

I officially started my new natural hair care regimen in May 2021. I’ve been seeing so many 4c hair ladies on Instagram that inspired me to give this natural hair journey a new chance. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been natural since my second big chop in 2015. But I have definitely not been taken care of my hair like I used to back in the days.

It’s like I lost my passion and the focus that I really had in mind since 2010. I wanted to built a bilingual natural hair care platform in Germany. So that parents with black or mixed children could connect and share their journey and tips together.

4c hair

Everything is there now and I’m very late to the trend. But I still feel like I can share value and tips to others having similar hair like myself.

So what are the products I’m reviewing?*

The first seat goes to the Camille Rose Naturals Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse.

It has everything that I dream a shampoo should have and it makes my hair very smooth. I know that I could also leave the shower without a conditioner or deep conditioner, because this cleansing rinse is very moisturizing. One of the top ingredient is aloe vera juice. So I guess that’s where the magic is happening!

The second seat goes to the Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Cocoa & Mango Butter Deep Treatment.

The consistency is thick but light at the same time. It doesn’t weigh my hair down and detangling the hair with it, is a breeze. A little goes a long way and after washing it out, the hair feels moisturised. But I won’t sing wonders like the Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse. There’s something missing in it that I can’t describe, but I think it’s because I have low porosity hair.

Trying it out with a hair steamer or sitting under a hooded dryer can maybe bring me where I want this Deep Conditioning Treatment to be. My jar is empty after having used it for about 3 months. So I will give it a new go once I buy a steamer. I like the smell and it’s not overpowering. But a cocoa butter or a sweet mango scent is not the first that comes into my mind.

So what are my overall thoughts?

Both products are great and if you’re a 4c hair lady still thinking rather it can be used on your hair or not – I say: Yes! Buy it, it’s worth it. 😊

I’ve been also doing wash and gos with the Curl Love Moisture Milk and the Curl Maker. I’ll give you a review soon.

*I bought the products myself. No ad / unbezahlte Werbung.

Here’s also a visual of my wash day with Camille Rose Naturals ❤️


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