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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Bentonite Clay

Have you tried bentonite clay on your type 4 hair already? I hope so, because clay masks will change up your natural hair regimen for good! It will also make 4c hair smooth and define the curls, coils and waves! If you still think that your type 4c hair has not a curl pattern, then try it out and message me later. I’m sure I’ll hear positive news. 😉

I strongly believe that 4c hair can have a defined pattern too, if you know what to use. I’m not talking about big visible curls like type 3c or 4a hair, but a pattern is there. I’ve been using rhassoul clay for 6 six years and it definitely improves my hair when I use it regularly. Hairstyles come out always defined. Which is very important for me because I’m not blessed with high density hair. I would always go for definition than volume.

So what kind of benefits does this clay mask have?

Calcium bentonite clay: is a natural detoxifier and gets rid of the toxins on your hair and skin just like rhassoul clay. It is produced from volcanic ashes and has the ability to bind the negative charges away from your body and skin. It also cleanses your hair and makes curly hair smooth. My 4c hair clumps into very tiny ringlets whenever I use it. When you pull them out, it will have a curl and wave pattern.

Bentonite clay is also used as a skin care remedy and can help with acne and dandruff problems.

Apple cider vinegar: helps with scalp issues, it can prevent dandruff, clarifies scalp and hair and can stimulate a healthy hair growth.

Aloe Vera oil: it is made when aloe vera plants are infused in a carrier oil. It is believed to stimulate hair growth and moisturizes hair and skin. But please note: Aloe Vera consists mainly of water. Water and oils can’t mix and if you try to infuse fresh Aloe Vera flesh gel in oils, it will spoil. So usually the gel is completely dehydrated, milled into fine powders and then infused in oils.

Will it have the same properties as Aloe Vera juice or fresh gel? Certainly not. Are there even oil soluble particles that will infuse into the oils and provide greatest benefits? I highly question this. In reality, I think the carrier oils are doing the main job in providing benefits to the skin & hair. Now that you know this, you can decide for yourself if trending & expensive aloe vera oils made with usually more affordable (cheap) oils are really something worth it to buy.


about 50 gr

  • 2 Tbsp Aztec Secret Indian Healing* calcium bentonite clay
  • 1 ml Aloe Vera oil or other oils to your likings
  • Apple cider vinegar or other acidic liquids to you likings
    (IMPORTANT: Make sure to always use pH paper. I do, but I know not everyone does this unfortunately and end up with hair issues. The scalp is skin like your entire body too and has a pH of somewhere 4.5 to 5.5. The Hair Shaft is slightly more acidic somewhere 3.7.)
  • A few drops of Essential oils of your choice

So I like to mix bentonite clay with some apple cider vinegar first. There will be some bubble foaming. Don’t use a metal spoon or jar. Otherwise it will react with the metal. (Some say it’s not true and it’s not possible for clay particles to react like that, but I just keep it like this, until I know and read for certain.)

Then I’ll add aloe vera oil and lemongrass essential oil and mix it very well.

Your hair has to be wet and clean. We use a lot of heavy butters, oils and gels on our hair and scalp. Clay alone won’t clean your hair to lift all these heavy residues. Also, my focus is smoothness and definition, that’s why I shampoo and condition my hair first and apply the clay as the last step.

I left it in for about 1 hour under a plastic bonnet for deep conditioning purposes. I normally would leave it in for 10 – 20 minutes.

The quantities are adjustable but don’t use too much apple cider vinegar. Otherwise it will be a runny messy application if you’re not using it in the shower.

If you feel like the clay is already drying on the hair, then spray it with water until you finish the entire head.

I like to follow up with an extra apple cider vinegar rinse to completely get rid of the clay. And to rebalance the ph of my hair. For that I use 1/8 apple cider vinegar and the other parts water.


I don’t follow up with an apple cider vinegar rinse anymore since 2022. The most important thing is pH balance. Make sure to balance your hair mask really good and use pH paper to know exactly how acid or basic it is, before you put it on your hair. Most influencers unfortunately don’t test the pH of their apple cider vinegar rinses and just follow what the natural hair community has provided over the decades.

It only takes a tiny tea spoon of apple cider vinegar to make 1 L of plain water totally acidic. If you don’t test it, you won’t know this and over time, you will wonder why your hair is feeling weird or breaking. Then you will think, your hair is lacking proteins and you will try to make it worse with diy egg masks or commercial protein hair masks… I’ve seen the biggest and longest hair influencers entering this cycle of not knowing what they’re doing exactly by blindly following what everyone is doing.

That’s why I don’t advise to clarify your hair with plain apple cider vinegar rinses. It’s powerful in removing hard water mineral buildup & balancing against certain yeasts/bacterias, but it can’t just dissolve oils and fats from your hair/scalp. Do these uncontrolled “acv rinses” regularly once a week or substitute it as your one and only conditioner and your hair will thank you with eaten away, dry & broken hair strands over time.)

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